Improve assets performance and increase productivity

Hexagon EAM is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market.

digital asset management software

Identify, track, locate, and analyze your physical assets, and facilitate metered usage measurement and automatic usage value transmission to subcomponents.

Determine optimum preventive maintenance schedules by electronically creating and assigning work orders, and performing condition monitoring and analytics.

Avoid carrying unneeded inventory or experiencing downtime because of inadequate inventory. Better monitor and control inventory levels, and automate purchasing and inventory management.

Avoid costly downtime in production or service operations. Effectively forecast likely failure points and the reasons for them, and identify and model the best alternatives.

Increase productivity, let your employees easily find the information relevant to their jobs, and have data delivered automatically to them with a familiar, easy-to-use environment.

Have critical information at your fingertips and take action on items anytime, anywhere.

With industry specific editions such as Healthcare edition, work more efficiently, achieve a very fast time to value, and lower your overall total cost of ownership with out-of-the- box solutions.

The solution provides real-time data that is accessible anytime, anywhere. It’s also easy to launch and expand to new locations, and you can allow controlled access to connect your facilities personnel and tenants to the services and information they need.

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