Increase efficiency and safety with real-time location

Ubudu enables companies to improve their operational performance for Industry 4.0, Smart Hospital and Smart Building. Ubudu’s platform is an end-to-end solution for real-time asset tracking, geofencing and location analytics. Ubudu RTLS provides sub-meter location accuracy, generates real-time alerts and offers analytics charts (heatmap, spaghetti diagram, pie charts…) through a user-friendly web interface.

Ubudu’s user-friendly advanced software lets you track in realtime the location of your assets, manage efficiently your tracking devices and define your own business rules and alerts based on geofencing events and customised parameters .

Ubudu’s Real Time Location Solution is based on electronic devices which enable to perform tracking of different assets.Each device is ready for industrial areas, equipped with a durable, dust resistant enclosure and available in a variety of options.

All the recorded data is processed to provide multi-angled and multi-layered integral view of the processes utilising data visualisation, 20+ different charts, heat maps. AI-based predictive analysis provide an insight on the future use of your assets based on behaviour analysis.

Ubudu RTLS solution enables you to leverage different
location technologies (BLE, UWB, GPS, LoRa, Sigfox) on a single platform, using a single infrastructure. This gives the convenience to choose the right technology for the right use case.

Realtime location only makes senses if embedded into your existing business processes which can be an integration challenge. Ubudu’s powerful API greatly simplify this by making it easy to use asset location data in your existing business processes software.

World class location tracking technology

Ubudu's cost effective, plug and play and flexible solution help customers globally enabling significant productivity gains

With Industry 4.0, manufacturing & logistics operational performance increases, thanks to location data collection and analysis. Making use of RTLS enables for search time reduction, work order tracking, utilisation rate improvement, and location analytics.

Construction, utilisation and maintenance of buildings are becoming smarter thanks to IoT sensors. Digital twin and RTLS helps improve operational performance (search time, work order tracking, utilisation rate), whilst improving visitor experience and worker safety.

Track your assets and save lives, rather than search for medical equipment – Optimise patient flows, gain visibility and reduce waiting times, by connecting Hospital IT to a RTLS – Monitor utilisation rates and reallocate medical equipment more efficiently to reduce repurchase spending by 10%.

… and much more ! Please contact us for more details !