Smart Key Management System by Creone

Creone’s Key management system gives you total control over your keys to improve the security of your key cabinets and valuables cabinets. Designed around flexibility and expandability, the intelligent key management system makes it easy for you to adapt your system when your needs change.
Smart Key Management System for key cabinets and valuables cabinets
With smart key cabinets and security-rated key management systems, you get total control and overview of when and to whom keys are distributed. All events are electronically logged, and you receive a notification when keys are not returned on time. Smooth, smart and secure.
With electronic key cabinets, key strips, and key walls, it’s easy to build on and expand to add more keys. Start with the number of keys needed currently, and easily add more key strips if needed. All you have to do is connect the new strip and restart the system.
The key cabinet is equipped with a keypad for programming and entering personal codes. A clear display provides an excellent overview and menu navigation. Activate alarms, see who has taken out a specific key or opened a specific compartment, all directly on the display. With battery backup, you never need to worry about access to the cabinet.
The key cabinet can easily be connected to an external device such as a card reader, RFID or alcohol interlock for added security. Being able to combine an alcohol interlock with our key cabinets means that those under the influence of alcohol cannot access the cabinet and thus cannot get to their keys. This means it is safe to check that no one gets behind the wheel while drunk.

The IntelliPin is available in two versions. Non-lockable pegs sound the alarm immediately if a key is removed without it first having been authorised via the KeyWin software. Lockable pegs go a step further and physically lock the key/peg into the strip.

We offer a range of intelligent storage solutions for all industries, including the Creone ValueBox series. It provides the possibility for safe storage of important tools and components. A clear structure and overview create security for both your customers and employees.
It should be easy to keep track of which keys are in circulation, and who uses them. In our user-friendly administration interface, you can easily add new users and connect them to the desired key or group – with just a few clicks. The administrator can also control and distribute rights to staff. Simple and seamless.
KeyWin6 has a well-developed API that allows integrations between KeyWin6 and third party systems. This means that you can create your own complete tailor-made system for key management, further streamlining your work processes. For maximum safety and total control.
Smart Key Expandable Racks

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