Instrument Intelligence for infection control

With over 900 installations in more than 40 countries worldwide in CSSD, OR and TSSU, Getinge T-DOC is the world’s leading instrument traceability. By providing you with a real-time overview of your instruments and related supplies, it allows you to optimize investments and insure an overall high quality level of hospital operations.

In T-DOC, all processes, machines, patients, operations, doctors, etc. that an instrument encounters are registered – from purchase to scrap, and thus the history of each instrument is documented. This enables you to recall suspicious goods from relevant departments quickly and accurately.

T-DOC can be directly interfaced with most types of sterilizers and washer-disinfectors to provide real-time data logging. All data is stored electronically and you can display it graphically or in a simple list format.

Whether you wish to track all your instruments individually or only your critical instrumentation, T-DOC provides full control and traceability of the actual use and maintenance of each individual instrument.

T-DOC is compatible with a wide range of instrument marking technologies to suit your requirements.

T-DOC provides both the sterilization department and operating rooms with an exact overview of the instrument and implants stock, including the ability to capture statistics on instrument usage.

The result is an optimization of the instrument stock and substantial cost savings. Furthermore, this includes the registration and management of LOT numbers and thus ensure full traceability between implants and the patient.

The T-DOC fast track functionality allows for prioritized processing of instruments throughout the production cycle. This means that a fast tracked instrument automatically can be processed before instruments not marked for fast tracking. During production, personnel are alerted of any deviations, thus ensuring timely delivery.

T-DOC’s stock and operating room functionalities are complementary and work in unison. This includes features to ensure consistent instrument counts both between the various production areas as well as in the operating room before, during and after a surgical procedure.

Administration is simplified by T-DOC incorporating all data into one central paperless source. Reports based on these data are easy to create and export to commonly used of ce programs and can be customized to suit your speci c needs.

… and much more including repairs management, endoscope handling, web-access, etc. Please contact us for more details !